Hey there everybody!

So another busy week here in the Yukon! First off we had a big world
wide missionary broadcast that changed a lot of stuff. They changed
the morning schedule which already happened for this mission. I think
we were one of the trail missions. They changed even more stuff
though. So now we only have 4 things that we count. Baptism, on date
for baptism, new investigator, and sacrament attendance. So I thought
that was pretty crazy! It was kinda weird watching it because last
year I watched it in Anchorage with a bunch of missionaries but this
year me and my companion watched it on a tiny tv that kept cutting out
in a tiny chapel. It was kinda nice being just us two because we could
pop some popcorn and kick back and watch the broadcast. So that was
kinda the big announcement for the week. Later this week we were crazy busy! We have been working really hard. We have seen so many miracles! As we were doing service Thursday a random guy came up to me and asked if I was a Mormon missionary. I told him I was and he proceeded to tell him he has been wanting to come to our church. It was so awesome to talk with him. We set up a ride for him and he came yesterday! It was great! He likes the people and wants to learn more so I am pumped to teach him. Also we had a ton of people surprise up coming to church! It was great having so many non members there. The Lord has truly been blessing this work! Lots of great things happening! Oh and of course it has been a blessing having a lot of places to eat! On Saturday we had two dinners which was awesome! Of course I didn't plan a head and eat a ton at the first one then the second one they expected us to eat a lot as well so we were very full that night. Good stuff haha. Well I hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Barney