Hey guys!

So we got some big news this week, so I will start with that. Our area got even bigger! So originally we cover the Yukon territory which is bigger than California and now we added two more areas, Skagway and Haines! Skagway is a super tiny town where all the cruise ships stop off. In the summer it is full of tourist which is in the tens of thousands but in the winter there's only about 700 people. Haines is a tiny town by Skagway but they only way to get to it is from Skagway it is a drive 5 to 6 hours or ferry or plane ride. So now we cover these tiny little places we will be going there once a transfer now. I am really happy about this because I love Skagway and I never have been to Haines but I'm excited to check it out! Man oh man I cover a huge area! So all of that should be exciting. I hope I don't get transferred this week so I can go to these places! This coming week is Zone Conference and we are having a member of the 70 come so it will be cool. We will take a 7 hour Ferry ride to Juneau on Friday and then a plane ride back on Monday. So 4 days in Juneau. This will be interesting because we will have 16 missionaries and only 3 cars in Juneau. I'm excited for this coming week. This past week has been pretty good. It's actually just been a pretty normal week. Nothing to crazy but we have just been working hard and having fun. I guess the coolest thing was a lesson we had with one of our new investigator. He is super cool. Ever time we meet with him we are at a members house and they all speak Spanish. It is still amazing how we feel the spirit even though we don't know exactly what is being said. Oh and this week we have been trying something new to meet people by ridding the bus. On the bus they can't say they are busy and need to get going they are stuck and have to listen to us, so that's been nice. Oh and we also had a valentines dinner for the
Branch which was a lot of fun. This branch is going to make me so fat with all the pot lucks they do! Well that's about it for this week! I love and miss you guys!

Elder Barney