Hello there!

It has been a pretty great week this week! First of all super bowl
Sunday is not as big in Canada as it is in America. Usually everywhere
we go the game is on but not one family even mentioned it.....crazy!
On the bright side it was a great day for missionary work. The rest of
the week was pretty good too! We have just stayed super super busy! I
did have to go to the dentist this week which was a bummer but they
were nice enough not to charge me an arm and a leg to get looked at.
My jaw has been bothering me for awhile so I went to get it checked
out. I think it is hilarious every time me or my companion has to go
to a medical place. In Canada all Canadians get free medical so they
just assume we are Canadian until we tell them we are from the States.
The look on their face is always so priceless. They have no idea what
to do. It is usually very very expensive here but this dentist office
was a true blessing because they pulled some strings to get me looked
at that very day and gave me like a $40 discount. The Lord definitely
looks after his missionaries. Anyway the highlight of the week has to
be the Yukon Quest! It's a dog mushing race that is from Whitehorse to
Fairbanks. Last year I got to see the Iditarod which is the biggest
race in the world right next to the Yukon Quest. Not to many
missionaries can say they have seen both. I loved it! The best part is
seeing all the dogs just jumping up and down freaking out wanting to
just go. It was really something to see these dogs. They also had a
Native tribal drum song thing to kick it all off which was super neat
to see! Also it was great to see new faces in Whitehorse. I feel like
we have walked the streets so much that we know everyone so it was
great to have new people to talk too. I think the population just
about doubled in size that day because of all the visitors. So that
was a great day even though it was freezing cold! I don't think I have
ever wanted hot chocolate that bad before haha. Although the Yukon
Quest was the highlight of the week there was a lot of great miracles
this week. We have this new investigator from Peru who works with one
of the members in the branch. They had us over for dinner as well have
our new investigator. It went really great. He just moved here and met
with missionaries in the past so we just wanted to get a fill for what
he knew and talk about the Book of Mormon. After we retaught him about
the Book of Mormon we ask brother and sister Nunez to bare their
testimonies of the Book of Mormon. They did so in Spanish. Although I
didn't understand a single word of it I felt the spirit soooo strong!
Anyone could of felt that! It was such a powerful moment it was hard
not to cry and I didn't even understand anything but I knew exactly
what they were saying. It doesn't matter if it is in a different
language or if the person talking isn't good at speaking, if it's a
sincere testimony the spirit will always testify of truth! I was also
fortunate to hear a few other members bare their testimonies during a
couple lessons this week and wow it is simply powerful. I never really
realized how truly powerful just a sincere testimony can be. You don't
need a black name bag to be able to testify of what you know is true.
I love this work and I love the Lord! I even love all of these crazy
Canadians. I really love the people here in the Yukon!! I am happy I
get this time to serve them! I love you all so much and hope you have
a great week!