Hey guys!

So it's been one crazy week! It has been really cold up here for
awhile now and I got sick for about the last half of the week so
that's been a bummer. Although it's been a little rough we had a great
week! Man oh man I had one of the best days ever on Thursday! Larry
got baptized!!!! Oh it was so awesome to see him enter back into those
covenants! We have been working with him for a while now and it was
such a happy moment to see him baptized and confirmed and get the
priesthood back. He was a member years ago and rejoined so he got all
of that done back to back. With me being sick I asked him to use his
newly ordained priesthood by giving me a blessing and it was a pretty
special moment. One of the greatest things to see in this world is
someone right after they are baptized, they have this light that just
glows! Larry is not really into big crowds but after he got baptized
he was hugging everyone and shaking their hands. It was so great! On
Sunday it was even better. He bore his testimony and I was so proud of
him. Like I said not into big crowds but he bore one of the most
simple and most powerful testimonies I have ever heard. Hearing him
say the words "I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God" was one of
the best moments of my life! I feel so lucky that this is my full time
calling to see people change through the Atonement of Christ. There is
a lot of highs and lows in missionary work but just one high is worth
all the lows!

That's really been my week but it's been pretty great! Next week we
fly out to Juneau for another Zone Conference! Well I love you guys
and wish you the best!

-Elder Barney