Hello everyone!

First off HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY MOM! Love you!

Okay so this week was really good. Still getting over a bad cold but was still a good week. We still been working really hard here and it's been fun that's for sure! Nothing too crazy happened this week it's just been a good week.  Neena is getting baptized on the 25th which I am super pumped for! She had her interview this week and she did great even with me teasing her that she has to know every prophets name in the Book of Mormon haha.   It's so great to see her excited to be baptized! She keeps asking every male in our branch to be in the circle for the confirmation so it's going to be a packed circle! Can't wait for the 25th!
Oh and Larry is doing great! He's on fire! He reads 30 minutes everyday and discovered videos on the gospel library app and now he is watching those all the time! It's so amazing to see the change the gospel of Jesus Christ makes in people's lives! At church on Sunday I remember shaking his hand and thinking to myself this is a man who knows who truly know the Gospel is true. It's been great meeting with those two this week!
Oh one excited thing is I discovered the worst tasting thing on this planet! It's called Buckley's.
It's a Canadian cough medicine that is just the nastiest thing ever but wow  does it work! When people found out I had a cold here everyone wanted to watch me take Buckley's and I now know why! I have a funny video of me taking it I will try to send. Well that's all the crazy stuff this week. Today we fly to Juneau on a little bush plan for Zone Conference on Tuesday.

Well love you guys!

-Elder Barney