Hey guys!

So another fun and exciting week in the great white North! So first off we made it safe back from Juneau. Oh first off last pday was awesome! It has been sooo long since I have had a pday with other missionaries! It was nice to actually play sports and have fun in a actually gym. Anyway the flight to Skagway was beautiful as always. I feel so lucky to be able to fly on those cool planes and see the sights I see! God is good!
So our drive back was a little frustrating. So we get up to the Canadian
border and the guy was a little rude and I may have argued with him just a little bit and  we got detained! So here we are two Mormon missionaries detained in the  guard shack in the middle of no where all because we didn't have the "right papers" and because the guy was a jerk. It was absolutely ridiculous! After about 45 min to an hour he finally let us on our way. It was pretty stupid if you ask me but that's okay because everyone is a child of God. So that was our fun little adventure there. Then later this week we had Rendezvous which is a Yukon holiday. It was sweet! The tiny town of Whitehorse exploded with lots of people just to see all the cool snow sculptures and fun activities. They do log throwing and axe throwing and stuff like that. It was lots of fun and they had some sweet sculptures. On Saturday we had a family come from Dawson City come down to baptize their 8 year old.  Also a senior couple from a year ago came up and they are awesome!

I love those guys and wish they were still here. All and all it has been a super fun week. I am really excited for Neena's baptism! She is sooo golden! After seeing the baptism on Saturday she was pumped to be baptized! Well I love you all miss you guys! Bye!

-Elder Barney