Hey everyone!

So it's been a pretty great week! It's crazy how fast this transfer is
flying by! On Friday we get transfer calls which is just crazy! This
is kinda weird because my mission President is going home in a few
weeks and it is sad to think this is his last transfer call. On
Tuesday we had our last interview with him which was really good but
kinda weird because it doesn't feel like he is leaving. I really have
come to love President Robinson. On your mission it feels like your
Mission President is like your dad and his wife is your mom. They have helped me out so much and they will be dearly missed! I hope to get to go see them in 6 months though. So other then saying bye to our mission President this week has been fun with lots of hard work. We have really been trying to find now after Jena and Hara were baptized.
They are doing great by the way! We had a lesson with them last night and it was really awesome to hear them talk about how the Holly Ghost has helped them so much. I love watching people change! Also this week I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about how my dads Priesthood example has helped me on my mission. It was awesome to look back on just how much he has taught me. I love my dad and feel so blessed to have his example in my life.
Love you Dad! Can't wait to go fishing up here with you one day! 
Speaking of fishing I have to get fishing so I hope you all have a great week.
love you guys!

-Elder Barney