Hey guys!

So it's been a crazy but cool week! It all started Monday when we went
fishing which was awesome by the way. The next morning I couldn't find
my wallet which started the great search. We were on exchanges that
day so it was spent trying to find it. We looked everywhere and just
couldn't find it anywhere so I decided to call the search and get new stuff. So that was the crazy part of the week but the cool part was summer time in Alaska! I love summer here so much! It's beautiful all the time. On top of the beautiful weather we have had lots of blessings with investigators. On Sunday we had an investigator who honestly should be Mormon but isn't which drives me nuts, but he came to church. So that was awesome! Also it was cool to have district meeting in person for the first time in like a year! It is so much better then being on Skype. I really love the missionaries I'm around here, because they are a big help and inspiring. It feels good to see them at least once a week instead of every 6 weeks. So ya that has been nice... Oh! I almost forgot to mention that President Nelson is coming to Alaska this week for a special fireside for the youth so he is going to stop in and say hi to the missionaries as well. 
We get to drive up to Anchorage and see him so that will be lot of fun! It has been a long time since our mission has had an apostle come talk to us. Really stoked about that! Oh and also I hit my 18 month mark this last week which was a weird experience.
I don't feel like it's been that long and it feels like I still have 2 years left so I don't know how
to explain. Anyway it has been the best 18 months of my life that's for sure! I have truly come to love the people of Alaska and the Yukon! There is no where else I would rather be then here serving the Lord. Well I hope all is well and if I don't hear from ya keep on trucking!

-Elder Barney