Hey guys! Wow! It's been one crazy week! Everything just happened sofast. Okay, so first off we got transfer calls on Friday and I am training a new missionary here in Kenia. I'm really excited because this is my second time training and the first time was a lot of fun!  So this means I drive up to Anchorage Tuesday and pick him up Wednesday and I get to go to the temple then drive back to Kenai.  I am so pumped to got to the temple!! Last time I went is the last time I trained which was about a year ago so I'm excited!  Should be a fun time pick the greenie up because we have about a 3 hour drive back to really get to know each other haha.  I don't know who it is yet because we find out Wednesday, but whoever it is sure is lucky to come to Kenai for his first area during the best time of the year, so that's the big news.  Other then that we have just been really busy seeing lots of people. Everyone here is super nice and I noticed they are very faithful here.  It's crazy to see the new converts in the Ward being so hungry for the gospel.  That's honestly one of the favorite things is going to their home and listening to them just ask these amazing questions and hear their insights and what they have been studying.  It's not just a few of them it's like all the new converts and it's great!   I had one of the coolest conversations with a member this week, it was after a  get together for the less actives and non members.  We were talking just the member, me and my companion.  We talked about a lot of things one thing is I asked him if he had any advice for an RM.  He told me to always read the Book of Mormon, pray, and repent every single day.  He told me how when he was a bishop not one person who did that everyday had to go see him and that really hit. It really sunk in when he looked at us in tears and said I don't dare miss even one day because that's the day Satan will be there. That is really something I want to make sure I always do, is get in the scriptures everyday and want to be able to say I don't dare miss a day. So that really struck me this week.  Oh! And also on Sunday I had one of the best surprises ever!  My old companion Elder Jensen showed up to church in Kenai to say hi!  He moved to Nome and came to Anchorage to go the temple and decided to come say hi to me!  We served together a little over a year ago in Anchorage when I first came out!  He was my second companion.  It was so awesome to see him again and just talk about all the amazing memories we had. I love all my companions so much and hope one day I will see them again!  Well that's it really for this week!
Hope you all have a great week!

-Elder Barney

(Me and Elder Jensen.....well I guess it's Austin Jensen now)