Hey guys!

So wow this has been a crazy week once again. I guess I'm just use of being in the middle of no
where with my companion and only worrying about what we are doing for the day, but now it seems like so much happens in one week! We drove up to Anchorage this week and it was a long but beautiful drive! It was so awesome to see the Kenai river and how blue it is!  Everything is just so green and awesome right now so I loved the drive. We went up for Zone Conference which was a lot of fun. I haven't been around that many missionaries in a long time so that was weird but super fun! We combined with two other zones. I learned a ton there and the spirit was really strong. I took away a lot about just how powerful the Book of  Mormon is in our personal  conversation to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They called up missionaries  randomly to give a 3 minute talk about the Book of Mormon so it was really neat to hear their insights. Right after one Conference we drove back down to Kenai and man was it a long day after all those training's then driving 3 hours back! The rest of the week went really well. Seemed like we were running all of the place but it was good to stay busy. I really love the work here. There are so many elect people and everyone is so kind! At church today I was so impressed with our ward coming up to
our investigators and making them feel as welcome as possible.
This Ward is so nice and gives us so much food I love it but man I'm going to get fat here haha.
Oh something really fun happened this weekend. So there are a ton of people here for the holiday weekend so they had some booths set up in parks and parking lot to sell stuff. Anyway so a recent convert owns reindeer and had them and this party thing we went to and they all wanted the Elders to "kiss" the reindeer. Soooo I put a dandelion in my mouth and puckered up hahahaha! I will send you guys the picture either this week or next, but it made everyone laugh so that was cool. So it's been a lot of fun here in Kenai! Fishing here will start up soon so I can't wait! 
Well I love ya all and up you guys have a great week!
-Elder Barney

New Companion, Elder McGee