Hey guys!

So I got here to Kenai and I'm really loving it! The people here are
so amazing and the Ward is super nice! It's so crazy how much they
really take care of us here! Anyway it has been such a crazy week!
Soooo much has happened! It feels like a month of stuff has happened
in a week long time period. I guess I should just start with the
beginning. Juneau on Tuesday was fun with the Zone Leaders and my
district leader. We went street contacting over where cruise ships get
in. Only cow those things are huge!!!  
It was super fun talking to all the tourists because they just looked so lost and it was fun helping them find stuff. Also it was super easy to give them Book of Mormons and amphlets because I would just tell them that it was a free gift fropm Alaska hahaha. So we did that all morning long then went to catch a plan. The plan ride to Anchorage was good and beautiful! Seeing a lot of the missionaries in the office was a real treat considering I either haven't seen them in over a year or never met them. After seeing everyone we took of to drive down to Soldotna. It was such a cool drive! We get to make that drive tomorrow night because we drive up for Zone Conference. It's about a 3 hour drive. Once we got to our areas I was so tired I just crashed so that night was a blur.                        My new companion is Elder McGee and he is a stud! Super nice kid and is fresh out of being trained. We have done a lot of work together for the short amount of time we had so far. It was crazy because after only two days in the area we did exchanges with the ZL's so we were just all over the place. 
 It was weird being in exchanges. It's crazy to think I have been out about 18 months and only have left my area 2 times now for exchanges. I'm not use to having missionaries close by. It honestly feels like I'm starting over again. Anyway so after exchanges we had a baptism on Saturday which was super awesome because I have never just got to a area that had a baptism. It was a mom and daughter and they are just so awesome! You can just see how happy they are! I'm excited to work with them! 
Sunday was Stake Conference so another run around thing.  I did learn a lot on Sunday about true conversation. It just really hit me how conversation is a constant process that takes constant good decisions and habits. I have really been trying to focus  on doing all I can in the process of true conversation. So ya, just a lot going on right now. I'm really excited for pdays to go fishing and have some fun here. It hasn't stopped raining since I got here so hopefully we get some good weather soon. 
Anyway I love you all and hope all is well!

-Elder Barney