Hey guys!

Okay so to start off I am getting transferred to Kenai! That is right below Anchorage and it's right on the ocean. I am so excited because that's the place to be for Alaska fishing! I have some crazy logistics to get there. So I started yesterday after mother day calls. We drove a couple hours to Skagway then took the 7 hour ferry ride and now I'm here in Juneau waiting to catch a plane on Tuesday. After we land in Anchorage we drive 3 hours to Kenai. So it's going to be a long few
days. So that's the big news of the week. On top of all that excitement I got to talk with my family which was awesome. Shout out to Elder Taylor for showing up! It was awesome to see everyone but kinda weird to realize this is my last Skype call on my mission. So transfers and Mother's Day was really the exciting part of this week. I have been saying goodbye a lot to everyone.  I'm super sad to say bye. Whitehorse has been a big stepping stone in my mission. I have learned a lot there. The people I met there I know I was suppose to meet. I have never seen people so converted to the gospel before. It's one of the hardest things to do as a missionary actually it is the hardest thing to do is leave after helping and seeing people change their lives. I will really miss all the people I taught and that amazing branch. Although it's hard to leave it is exciting for something new at the same time. It's kinda weird feeling and hard to explain. Another thing I will miss about the Yukon is all the views! I love the beauty of the Yukon! On the drive to Skagway we saw a brown bear cub. That was my first Bear so that was awesome! 
Oh! And on top of that we saw porpoises which is kind of like a dolphin and we also saw two whales on the ferry ride. It was super cool to see them spray and jump all the way out of the water! Man I love Alaska so much! Well that was the big things this week. I just wanted to say I love all you in Whitehorse and will miss ya'll a ton! Thank you so much for all you
have done!

-Elder Barney

Back in Alaska