Hey everyone!

So this has been a pretty different week. So we moved apartments and
there were some complications that popped up so it's been a slow
moving process all week. The good news is that we are all moved in and
things are good now. So that's been the biggest thing this week. We
also have had some huge blessings with teaching and finding new
investigators. The ones that are recently baptized are still doing
great! In fact yesterday I was teasing Larry about bearing his
testimony and he just shrugged it off, but then out of no where he got
up! I know it doesn't seem like a big deal, but if you met him this is
huge! The first time in his life was when he got rebaptized just a
couple months ago and he had been a member since the 80's. It's like
he's a completely different person! This week we were actually talking
to his wife and we got on the subject of questions. It was amazing to
hear him say that thd little things don't matter, but what truly
matters is that the gospel is true and I was just like.....EXACTLY
WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TELLING YOU! He has come to truly know that for him
self and it's just so amazing to me. Also in a couple of months the
patriarch is flying to Whitehorse and Nina is getting her blessing
which I am so pumped for her! It's funny because her English is not to
great so she just keeps tell us "you give me blessing now?" It's fun
explaining stuff. Also with Nina one of the coolest things happened.
We are teaching her the new member lessons and we were on the word of
wisdom and she tells us "Elder I think I have an addiction." Which we
ask what? And she said "I am addicted to reading the Book of Mormon." I
just laughed because she was seriously concerned and we told her that
was a good addiction to have. I love seeing the changes these people
make in their lives. I love the people of the Yukon and love being a
missionary! Also I love fishing and that's what I'm going to go do
right now, so hope you all have a great week!

P.S. That Mammoth was a pain to get on! 
-Elder Barney