Hello everyone!

Time just keeps flying by! I can't believe it's already Monday! This week was a pretty normal week compared to the past few. We had a great P-Day fishing the Kenai but the run wasn't in yet so we didn't catch anything but it was still a good time! The big thing we have been doing this week was a lot of service and I mean a lot! It just seemed like we were getting phone call after phone call about service for people which was great but tiring. We had one service for a non member where we brought some young men with us where we did a lot of yard work for her. She was super happy with us and just kept telling us how much it really meant to her. She is friends with recent converts and now our Relief Society President as well, so that's how we got in contact with her. We didn't really now her situation very well but come to find out that her husband has had some serious health problems and close calls as well as herself. It was just a great feeling that is hard to describe when you know you helped one of Gods children. Everyone came up to us at church the next day and told us how she wrote this big long post on a Facebook about how much she really appreciated our help and that made me feel so good! Doing service for someone is the fastest way to feel true charity for them. So on top of that service we were also in the parade for Soldotna Progress Day. The holiday is to celebrate Soldotna progress but it was started because the Mayor was Mormon and wanted to celebrate pioneer day. In the parade we held up banners for this old folks home. It was a lot of fun and really good exposure! So that was the big thing this week. We also had a great lesson with some recent converts on Sunday. I love teaching Hara and Jena! They both have great testimonies and ask a lot of great questions. They are so excited for the temple they just grilled us with questions about it and it was a lot of phone explaining what it's all about. A bonus was that we also had a great BBQ with them as we were teaching. Reindeer sausage is super good! Oh and Elder Hatch ate is first caribou yesterday so that was exciting for him. So ya that is what has been going on this week. Well hope all is well! Love you guys! Got to go 🎣

-Elder Barney

2 Timothy2:3
Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.